Window Well Replacement

Stop water from entering through your basement windows

We can replace your current window wells that may be damaged, rotten and not functioning or provide window wells to windows that require them but were never installed.

A Properly Functioning Window Well

A proper functioning well is one that drains down to your drain pipe (weeping tile) system. This is accomplished by a french drain in the well. Usually this is a piece of drainage pipe that runs from the weeping tile to the center of the well below the window. It’s not connected directly to your weeping tile but rather it is in bedded in the drainage stone just above the weeping tile at the side of your home’s footing. This pipe should be filled with clear stone. There’s more stone in the well that covers the pipe.

A Failed Window Well

A failed window well is one that either was never installed with a drainage pipe or one that is badly clogged. When this is the case, water enters the well and doesn’t drain quickly enough, and this leads to the water building up and seeping in at the bottom of the window.


Failed window well

Window well drain replacement

Exterior waterproofing with window well

BOMAN KEMP – Window well with metal grate

Egress window well step with steel window wells

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