Weeping Tile Replacement

What is weeping tile?

Weeping tile refers to a drainage pipe system that plays an important role in keeping water out of your home’s basement. Originally known as weeping tile, which is porous drainage pipe, commonly terracotta which was used into the 1960’s. It was installed around the exterior of your home’s foundation beside the footing. It redirects water away from the house into the storm sewer, sanitary sewer or to a sump pit in the basement. The main differences now with drainage pipe (weeping tile), is that we use a plastic pipe with slits that allow the water to seep in and this pipe is covered with a filter cloth.


Clogged weeping tile

Damaged weeping tile

Clogged weeping tile

New waterproofing and weeping tile – ready for backfill

New waterproofing and weeping tile

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