Our Services

Our Services

DM Foundations offers the following services in dealing with your foundation concerns.

Structural Wall Repair

Structural damage can occur for many different reasons. Our expertise in identifying the problem and our methodical approach to repairing the issue comes from an extensive knowledge base accumulated over the years.

Crack Repair

Crack repair by excavation is the best method of crack repair for a poured concrete wall or block wall. What makes it the most reliable repair is that there are multiple layers of protection from water infiltration into the crack and of course your basement.

Egress Basement Window 

If you’re renovating your basement and adding a bedroom, you will be required to have a secondary escape. We can provide you with a larger or new window opening and perform any wall reinforcing which is rarely but sometimes required.

Basement Lowering

Your basement is a great place to consider when looking for more livable space in your home. If you have less than 7 ft of head clearance in your basement, you may want to consider lowering your basement floor. Basement lowering can be a very cost-effective alternative to adding an addition or another story to your home.


A basement leak does not mean you have a serious structural problem with your home. To keep your basement dry, the best method is to waterproof the exterior of the foundation walls including the installation of new weeping tiles.

Weeping Tile Replacement

Your weeping tile pipe can be clogged or damaged or has just become deteriorated over time. We can keep your basement dry by waterproofing the exterior of the foundation walls and installing new weeping tile.

Window Well Replacement

We can replace your current window wells that may be damaged, rotten and not functioning or provide window wells to windows that require them but were never installed.

Garage Floor Replacement

Whether it’s an old floor that is due for replacement from decades of wear, or a heaved, cracked and/or sunken floor, we have the solution for you.

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We take pride in providing top-notch service using proven products and techniques on every home we repair. We advise you to get 3 estimates, and to make sure that we're one of them. We'll explain all the work in a written quote before the start of any project.