Egress Basement Window 

Egress Basement Windows

If you’re renovating your basement and adding a bedroom, you are required to have a secondary escape. We can provide the larger window opening or new opening and any wall reinforcing that is rarely but sometimes required. We also provide any lintels to support the upper levels if required.

Adding a window or increasing the size

If the height below the new window to the underside of the footing is less than 66 inches, engineering will be required to specify frost protection.

If the window is being replaced with a new window wider than 48 inches then engineering will be required.

In all cases it’s best to have an engineer provide drawings (unless you’re comfortable drawing a simple sketch to submit to the city for review). And if you prefer, we can provide you with an engineer’s drawing which you can to submit to the city for approval and permit.

Adding a window or increasing the size always requires a permit.

Our Approach

We will excavate to the foundation footing (bottom of wall) and cut the window opening(s).  We will provide drainage, structural, and frost protection as specified by the engineer specifications. We will supply and install a steel window well (other options available).

Fees can vary depending on the engineer structural specifications (if any). We will contact and schedule an appointment with the city inspector. The permit fee usually falls under the minimum.

Window installation

The customer is responsible to provide the window and carry out installation. We can provide a limited selection of window styles and can preform the installation if required.

Important! We suggest you determine the size of the window you want, then the engineer can spec the job accordingly.



Cutting the egress window

French drain for egress window

Egress window with frost protection

Egress window well with step out of 6×6

Egress window with step

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