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Exterior Crack Repair

Crack repair by excavation is the best method of crack repair for a poured concrete wall or block wall.

What makes it the most reliable repair is that there are multiple layers of protection from water infiltration into the crack and of course your basement.

This repair involves excavation at the site of the crack (usually by hand to minimize lawn and plant damage). All the excavated material is removed and disposed of. Once the crack has been exposed with at least 18″ on either side of the crack. We then “V” chip the crack and install a none shrink grout or hydraulic cement. The area is then coated with an asphalt based rubberized coating and a fiber mesh over the crack. The area is then covered with an “air gap” membrane. We then backfill with clear drainage stone and top off the hole with topsoil and grass seed.

Crack Injection Repair

Crack injection (with epoxies or polyurethane) is the most economical method for repair of a leaking crack on the wall of a poured foundation. It is an effective approach because crack injections prevent water from passing through the leaking cracked wall and entering into the basement.

Extra humidity is prevented and there is little chance of mould and mildew forming on the wall. It is the most economical because the repair costs are low. The structural repair of cracks in poured concrete structures (such as bridges, columns, and roads) with epoxy injection has been a successful common practice in concrete repair for over 40 years. This practice was extended to include repair of poured wall basement foundations whether they were structural in nature or just to repair a leaking crack. The use of polyurethane foams have joined injection epoxies as products of choice in repairing leaking poured wall foundations.

With concrete block, leaking cracks can only be dealt with by incorporating a form of an internal drainage tile with a wall membrane or exterior excavation and wall membrane and drainage tile. These methods continue to be the best methods for concrete block leaking repair.

It should be noted that exterior repair is always the best course of action with block foundations. Due to the fact that injecting the blocks is not feasible, the only way to keep moisture and water out of the wall, is through exterior repair. This method is also helpful in avoiding future damage to the blocks from freezing.


Cracked wall

Exterior crack repair

Exterior garage crack repair with urethane injection and steel straps

Interior crack repair with urethane injection

Exterior crack repair with urethane injection and steel corner straps

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