Basement Lowering

Expand your living space and increase the value of your home.

If you have less than 7 feet of head clearance in your basement, you may want to consider lowering the floor. Compared to adding a story or an addition for more usable space, lowering your basement can be very cost effective.

Our Approach

We first do test holes to determine the soil conditions under the floor, as well as locating the bottom of your footings and/or walls. We sometimes can achieve an addition 6 to 12 inches of head room without adding a bench footing or underpinning. Along with the new lower floor all your under slab plumbing is replaced along with any future plumbing rough-ins. We also work with Hvac sub-contractors to install radiant in-floor heating as a heating option for the basement.


Removing old basement floor

Lowering the basement floor

Adding new lower concrete basement floor

Basement lowering with bench footing

Basement lowering

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